Brainstorm 3 min
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Rapid prototyping
for quicker feedback

Don't postpone idea validation, affirm your ideas from early wireframing stages through prototyping

Rapid prototyping
Quicker feedback

Validate your ideas from early wireframing stages through prototyping feature.

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Interactive prototypes

Going beyond simple screen transitions
& interacting with elements, just like a real working product.

Going beyond simple screen transitions with Visily’s interactive prototypes

Swift flow creation

Enhance your design narrative and better convey your design's intentions by seamlessly connecting components to their designated screens.

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Explain the destination of each actions in your designs by connecting the components to designated screens

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Smart Components

Bridge the gap between design and reality with Visily's Smart Components—immersing yourself in your designs like you would in an actual app.

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Link the components to screens in Prototype mode and let your audiences experience what the actual product would feel like.

Coming soon

Dynamic interactions

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Make your prototypes even more realistic with
pop-up, parallax scrolling, typing, and many more.

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Present and
get feedback quickly​

Effortlessly share your designs with anyone, anywhere, and receive
instant feedback without the hassle of opening the entire board.


feedback loop

Present your design anywhere in seconds and get feedbacks immediately without having to open the whole board.

22 min
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Presentation or Prototype? Both!

Present your design the way you want, whether as a working Prototype or as a Presentation to showcase your UI masterpiece.

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Share & Comment in the Presentation mode

Effortlessly distribute your interactive prototype for viewing and feedback on any device.

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Start from any screen you want

Make any screen the beginning of the presentation by set it as Start from here in Prototypes mode.

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Reorder the screens for Presentation & export

Reorder your presentation screens and effortlessly generate a PDF file with the updated sequence.

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