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How to Make a Mockup of a Website

How to Create a Website Mockup?

2 weeks ago

Have you ever dreamed about creating your very own website? Before you jump into building it, there’s a super cool step you should know about making a website mockup! A mockup is like a blueprint for your website that shows what your website will look like before...

UI Mockup

What is a UI Mockup?

2 weeks ago

UI mockups are a key part of the design process, especially in web design and mobile apps. They help UI designers create a visual reference of the user interface before the final product is developed. With the help of a UI mockup tool, designers can build mockups that give a...

What is a Flowchart

What is a Flowchart?

1 month ago

A flowchart is a powerful tool that presents a clear picture of a process from start to end. It uses common flowchart symbols to represent the different steps involved. It makes the complex processes easy to understand. Designers and product managers may find flowcharts...

BlogWhat is Userflow in UX Design

What is a User flow in UX Design?

1 month ago

In UX design, understanding the user’s journey is an important aspect. This journey is often visualized through user flows. They provide a clear view of how users interact with a website or app. User flows illustrate the paths a user takes from their entry point to a...

Is UX design Stressful

Is UX Design Stressful?

2 months ago

UX design has immense potential. It can shape the digital world we interact with every day. It’s a field that combines creativity with logic. It combines elements of user research, visual design, and problem-solving to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.  The...

principals of design

What are the Principles of Design?

3 months ago

Great design is both an art and a science. A healthy dose of creativity is needed to reflect your brand and evoke a certain feeling in the visitor, but there are certain principles that need to be followed as well. Whether you’re crafting a website, developing an app, or...


What is a Wireframe in Design?

3 months ago

If you’re new to the world of UX/UI design, you’re bound to encounter a buzzword that’s a foundational piece of every product manager’s toolkit: wireframes. Wireframes are integral to crafting stellar designs quickly and efficiently. In this comprehensive guide,...

UI Design min

6 Awesome Ways to Use AI for UX/UI Design

3 months ago

As the realms of AI and design converge, we’re witnessing a revolution that’s upending traditional understandings of UX and UI. At Visily, we’re at the forefront, harnessing the magic of AI-driven templates and insights. But we’re not alone—here are some...

BLOG How to create wireframes for mobile apps fast min

How to Create Wireframes for Mobile Apps Fast

4 months ago

Creating a wireframe for your mobile app is an essential step in the development process. It’s a visual guide that allows you to plan the layout and interaction of your interface before diving into the design and coding phase. But without the right tools, doing so can take...

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