Top 10 Product Management Blogs From KOLs to Follow in 2024

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in product management, it is that it’s best to lean on the expertise available. Rather than relying solely on your search efforts, it is highly beneficial to seek advice and experiences from experts with specialized knowledge and expertise in the subject.  


And luckily, there’s a huge wealth of knowledge out there. Unfortunately, tons of bad blogs just want to rank well, and that has no real value for budding or even pro product managers looking for that golden source of key information. 


To help you cut through the trash and get to the good stuff, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best product management blogs from key opinion leaders in this industry. The idea is to give you a useful database of knowledge to draw from so that you can get an edge over the rest. 

1. SVPG Insights blog by Marty Cagan and other legends 

If you are looking for the best insights from some of the most reputable names in the game, then Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) is the place to get them. 


Marty Cagan, a seasoned product professional, founded this resource in the most famous tech hub in the world. Cagan ran several technology companies before creating SVPG. These companies include Netscape, HP, CPTO, and eBay. As a result, it’s tailored specifically for PMs specializing in SaaS and digital products. 


SVPG’s Insights blog has regular articles on product topics, like process, data science, communicating your product strategy, and risk. This blog also offers ideas on leadership and Agile project management that’ll help people in different roles within a product organization.


What you’ll love about this blog:

The Insights blog at SVPG is a great place to learn about product management or get advice from experienced people. Contributors and guest writers cover topics that are relevant to product managers, from small companies to large enterprises.

SVPG home page

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2. Inside Intercom by Intercom 

We like Intercom’s content and regularly read their blogs, share their books with our team, and suggest their tools to our partners. Intercom is a mega-product company with a highly successful customer service option that integrates an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support.


Intercom’s blog, Inside Intercom, is an excellent source of information for digital product managers and people curious about the process of creating a remarkable product. Intercom has produced and featured content in several categories: 

  • Customer support
  • Sales and marketing
  • Design
  • Product management
  • Startups


They cover something for every type of product manager, from small-time businesses to large enterprises. The product management category discusses various subjects such as strategic vision, A/B user testing, challenges of app scaling, and in-depth analysis of prioritization techniques.


The highlight of the blog:

Intercom uses its podcast transcripts in such a way that makes it easy to find those golden nuggets of information.

Inside Intercom Blog home page

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3. The Product Management Blog by The Product School 

The Product Management Blog by The Product School is a go-to resource for budding product managers who need the inside scoop on new trends or how to land new jobs. 


However, don’t let this fool you into thinking it is just for newbies. This blog was created with the intent of sharing helpful information for anyone in this niche, and thanks to tons of guest posts from various industry legends, it has become a standout option. 


At this blog, you can expect a wide range of categories to be discussed at length, from PM fundamentals to career or company growth, as well as future insights, hiring guides, and help for PM leaders.


What we love about this blog:

They have a real knack for the creative side, which helps to cut to the chase. Almost every blog has a video to help you consume the knowledge quickly, along with helpful images that convey the message in an easy-to-digest way.

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4. Productboard blog 

Productboard is a well-known tool for creating roadmaps, prioritizing features, and gathering user feedback, commonly used by product teams.


The Productboard blog contains a comprehensive range of topics related to the role, going beyond just roadmaps. Since Productboard is specifically designed for product managers, they are experts in the field of product management, and it shows in their blogs. 


The blog offers solutions for PM issues, such as creating a product roadmap, achieving product/market fit, and crafting product specifications. It’s popular among professionals in the field and a must-read for any product manager or team.


What you’ll love about this blog:

Their firsthand encounters with different startups and scale-ups who use Productboard influence the insights shared on their blog, which are presented through case studies and collaborative articles.

The Productboard blog home page

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5. TopTotal product blog 

TopTal is a massive source for freelance work that connects top talent to top companies. It is, in its own right, a massively successful product with a well-established reputation for quality, so it is only natural that they have a lot of useful product expertise to share. However, they stand out even more thanks to the strict emphasis they put on using only the top talent, even for their own content teams.


The TopTal blog section is filled with helpful content that caters to products, finances, design, engineering, and projects.  


Toptal’s product blog is filled with motivational quotes, top-notch product management strategies, engaging visuals, and personal anecdotes. This resource is expertly crafted to be well-organized and easily comprehensible. 


It features top professionals in product management, making it a must-read. Whether you seek advice on conducting efficient product meetings or embarking on AI product creation, you’ll discover valuable insights within these pages.


What makes this blog unique:

Toptal’s authors are highly qualified professionals in their respective areas, and all content is thoroughly reviewed and endorsed by other experts within the company, ensuring the highest level of quality.

Toptal Blog Home Page

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6. Reforge blog by BIG thinkers from Silicon Valley

Reforge is renowned for its program designed to cultivate product managers, providing them with the opportunity to hone their skills through lessons from accomplished product leaders.


The Reforge blog offers tips and perspectives for product experts of all levels. Its content covers a variety of subjects, such as analytics, team supervision, product leadership, and strategy.


The content on Reforge’s blog is carefully selected by a team of highly skilled individuals from top companies in Silicon Valley like Stripe, Uber, Facebook, Google, Slack, Intercom, and more. Their posts are well-structured and easy to understand. They use real-life examples to explain their methods.


What you’ll love about this blog:

Their Reforge programs–which are among the top product courses available–are well integrated with their content. If you are considering a course in product management, then their program and blog are a good place to start.

Reforge Blog Home Page

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7. Aha! 

Not only is Aha! a product roadmap tool, but it also boasts an engaging blog. Amidst the business-oriented tips and announcements about their products, you will come across valuable insights that may just have you exclaiming, “Aha!”


They also offer recommendations for books that will revolutionize your approach to product development.


What makes this blog unique:

They have an awesome 6 questions section. Here, they focus on interviewing product management pros with 6 highly specific questions, which is where you can expect to find a lot of helpful info.

Aha! Blog Home Page

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8. Bring the Donuts by Ken Norton 

Ken Norton is a highly accomplished product management specialist. For 14 years, he played a crucial role in the creation of Google’s top products, including Google Docs and Google Calendar. Presently, he serves as a product mentor, author, and presenter.


In his Bring the Donuts blog, Ken writes about a whole spectrum of product management topics, from how to manage a product lifecycle to how to build a team that’s aligned with the customer’s goals. He also writes about time management, feature prioritization, product research, product leadership, and much more. 


Ken’s blog showcases his thought leadership and wit, and his extensive writing on all things related to product is highly impressive. Another great aspect of his website is that he shares job listings related to specific products with his followers. 


The highlight of this blog:

One of the highlights of this blog is its comprehensive content and the inclusion of valuable resources for product managers.

Bring the Donuts Blog Home Page

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9. Userpilot 

Userpilot is a software platform for product growth and digital adoption.


With this tool, you can design personalized onboarding processes tailored to different types of users. It also gives you analytics and lets you test your onboarding strategies.


Each month the Userpilot blog team produces 50 articles that are thoroughly researched and cover a wide range of topics, including user onboarding, product adoption, user experience, product management, and SaaS growth. 


While the $250 per month subscription fee might seem steep to some they’ll definitely get their money’s worth back in well-researched articles and the features of their software. 


How to make the most out of this blog:

Take advantage of the two-week complimentary trial to determine if Userpilot would be advantageous for your team. If not, take the opportunity to thoroughly explore their exceptional collection of articles during those two weeks.

Userpilot blog page

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10. Fibery by Fibery team 

Fibery is a no-code product management tool with tons of user-centric features that’ll help product managers from idea to final iteration. While the system isn’t the easiest to adopt and use, it’s one of the most powerful platforms on the market, and spending some time trying to learn it’ll be well worth it. 


The Fibery blog is a hidden gem. Their blog page is modestly nicknamed the radically honest blog. And to say that is an understatement. What they speak about is super insightful and straight to the point and there’s no bias even towards their own products. If another product is better at a certain aspect, they’ll outright say so, and the same for competing products. 


Other than talking about products, they also talk about topics like feature prioritization, road mapping, backlogs, product insights, how to estimate software coding time, and much more. 


What you’ll love about this blog:

They have a series called 100 posts about products, which really dives deep into some “more avoidable” topics. Don’t let this scare you because this is where you can find some really powerful inside scoops from real product managers “down in the trenches”.

Fibery blog page

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​Wrapping things up

With these 10 blogs you’ll have everything you need to learn and be entertained while doing so. We hope you can use them to your advantage and that you’ll find some great golden nuggets that you can share with your product team, friends, or clients. 


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