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Start your Visily designs by creating a new project. In a project, you can have multiple boards, each board an unlimited canvas for your collaborative ideation.

There are different ways to create a project: 

  • Start from Templates: select from an extensive library of templates for UI screens, app flows, or diagrams
  • Start with existing apps or websites: import brand themes and convert existing screenshots into designs
  • Start with AI: convert screenshots to designs, or generate diagrams from text prompts
  • Duplicate a Visily project
  • Or start with a blank canvas

What are projects?

Projects hold multiple boards, serving as design canvases for creating and sharing your designs. Within a team workspace, you can have multiple projects, and within each project, you can create multiple boards.

Overview of Project Board sharing min

Where to create projects?

Follow the access points below to create a new project:

  • Go to Team Space or Personal Space, and choose from the six options to create project
  • Or click “Create project” button on the top bar
  • Or click the “+” button on left sidebar panel
Where to create projects b min

Start with Templates

When creating a new project, select either “Screen Templates” or “Diagram Templates” and explore our collection.

Learn more about templates here.

Start with an existing app or website

Choose this option to import your brand colors and fonts for reuse in all your projects. You can also convert existing screen designs from screenshots.

If you’re starting a new app/website and want to utilize online inspirations, this option is perfect for you, too.

Start with AI

Utilize AI-powered features to kickstart your project:

  • Screenshot to Design: Convert existing app/website screenshots or online UI/UX inspirations into editable wireframes. Learn more.
  • Text to Diagram: Generate flowcharts and sitemaps from text prompts to initiate brainstorming. Learn more.
  • Text to Design (coming soon): Instantly generate wireframes from text prompts.

Duplicate a Visily project

If you’ve previously worked on a Visily project and want to create a new one that uses assets from that existing project, this option is for you.

When duplicating a project, you can choose among the settings:

  • Select the specific assets or properties to be duplicated: Board & Screens, Uploaded Images, Saved Components, Collaborators & Permissions
  • Choose either “Team space” or “Personal space” to store the new project

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