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Release Note: V1.3 – Nov 11, 2022

Lo-fi wireframe support   One of Visily’s superpowers is helping people quickly create beautiful hi-fi wireframes. But at times, you might want to focus on app flow and screen layout without bothering about many styling and color options. Wait no more, Visily now supports...

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Release Note: V1.2 – Aug 31, 2022

Visily comes with a new look 🙌 As we introduce more and more functionalities, we’ve improved the app UI to make tools more accessible and add some flexibility for future enhancements.   For more details about each feature, check out these step-by-step guides: Add New...

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Release note: Update Jul 6, 2022

  Project theme: more color options and customizations We added hand-picked color palettes for you to quickly experiment and apply to your project. Many more color palettes are coming soon. You can now customize theme colors using a full-spectrum color picker and input color...

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Release Note: V1 – Apr 14, 2022

After 6 months in beta, we finally released version 1 of Visily. Visily has one goal: enable anyone, regardless of their design skills, to collaboratively design mobile and web app mockups. How well we achieve this goal is remained to be seen but we’re proud of what we’ve...

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Release Note: Beta 2 – Jan 26, 2022

New Features Support of designing mobile apps Project wizard: users can set up a mobile or web project, which will affect the default templates, screen sizes and component style suggestions within that project Page wizard: Ability to choose among common mobile, tablet and...

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