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Launch screen
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App introduction 1
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App introduction 2
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App introduction 3
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Sign up
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Sign up - Input phone number
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Sign up - Input 6 digit-code
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Personal Information
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Goal - Single selection
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Goal - Multiple selections
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Marketing channel
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Terms & Conditions
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Notifications settings
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An App Onboarding Wireframe Template for Your Next Design Project

Visily's App Onboarding Wireframe Template is your go-to solution when you're looking to simplify the onboarding experience for your app users. Perfect for any app, be it related to fitness, finance, or food, this template sets the ground rules for an intuitive onboarding experience.

Why Choose Visily's App Onboarding Wireframe Template?

Entirely Personalizable Template

Our App Onboarding Wireframe Template is designed to reflect your unique brand identity. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist, sophisticated look or a fun, vibrant aesthetic, you can modify this template to align with your brand's vision.

Expedite Your Design Process

Don't lose time by designing from scratch. Our pre-crafted template is comprised of key components for an excellent user experience and a user-friendly interface. Use our template to hasten your design process and allocate more time to refining your app's core features.

Consistent with Your Brand Guidelines

Modify the fonts, colour scheme, and styles effortlessly to be consistent with your brand's visual guidelines. These adjustments will be uniformly applied throughout the template, guaranteeing a smooth and visually pleasing user onboarding process.

Constructed Upon Best Practices

- This template includes all critical pages and sections for app onboarding.

- Uniform design elements across all sections and pages.

- Every component in the template has been meticulously designed to offer optimal usability and functionality for your user onboarding needs.

How to Utilize Visily's App Onboarding Wireframe Template?

1. Begin by clicking the "Use this template" button.

2. Sign up for a Visily account to gain access to the array of customization features.

3. You will be redirected to a design canvas, with our pre-filled template awaiting your personal touch.

4. Personalize your design using Visily's streamlined and robust editor, adapting it precisely to cater to your app's onboarding requirements."

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