Kano Model Template

Use Visily's Kano Model Template to map out product attributes that your customers perceive as important. It's perfect to improving product and customer satisfaction.

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About the Kano Model Template

Instantly apply the powerful Kano Model to your product and service development with Visily's pre-designed template. Easily prioritize customer needs based on their potential to create satisfaction and dissatisfaction, leading to smarter design decisions and a more compelling user experience.

How to Use Visily's Kano Model Template

1. Get Started: Click "Use this Template" to start creating the Kano Model framework.

2. Create an Account: Sign up for a free Visily account for full editing features.

3. Customize the template:

- Identify Features: List your product or service's existing features and potential additions.

- Craft Survey Questions: Design Kano-style questions to assess customer reactions to each feature.

- Gather Responses: Distribute your survey and populate the template with the results.

- Visualize Insights: See how your features map across the Kano Model, gaining clarity on their impact on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using Visily's Kano Model Template

- Time-Saving Efficiency: Eliminate the hassle of manual creation. Our template gives you a professional head start.

- Customizable Template: Adaptable template aligns precisely with your needs.

- Enhanced Collaboration: Easily share and collaborate with team members.

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