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Launch screen
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Songs in an album/ playlist
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Search results
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Stream a song
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View an artist
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My library
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My playlists
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Comment on a post
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Launch screen - Premium
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Pricing plans
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A Music Streaming App Wireframe Template for your design project

Visily presents a music streaming app wireframe template ideal for those who aspire to break into the digital audio industry. Whether you are creating an international music streaming app or a niche-specific one catering to a particular genre or artist, our template serves as an excellent starting point.

Why choose Visily's Music Streaming App Wireframe Template?

Impeccably Adaptable Template

Understanding that every music application requires its own set of unique elements, our templates are impeccably adaptable. If your brand radiates edgy modern vibes or resonates with a classic vintage feel, you have the ability to mold this template to echo your brand's character.

Efficiency and Elegance Combined

Why build from the ground up, when you can expedite the process with our wireframe template. Our design embodies elegant simplism along with an engaging user interface. Employing our wireframe will leave you with more resources to focus on refining the sophisticated features of your streaming app.

Craft your branding with precision

With Visily you retain complete control. You have the freedom to adjust the color scheme, typography, and art-style to suit your brand's identity. The remarkable aspect? These changes are uniformly applied throughout the template.

Template shaped by industry standards

- Our templates incorporate all the intensively studied flows and screens.

- Consistency, in terms of design across varied screens and sections.

- Every single element has been thoughtfully curated into the template keeping user experience in the forefront.

How to employ Visily's Music Streaming App Wireframe Template?

1. Kickstart by hitting the "Use this template" button.

2. Register for your own Visily account and get equipped with our comprehensive toolset to start customization.

3. The template is loaded onto a design canvas, providing you with a ready-to-use blueprint.

4. Leverage Visily's dynamic editor to finetune your design as per your vision.

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