AI UI Design

Use Visily's UI design software to create user interfaces for mobile apps and websites.

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Quickly design UIs with AI

Create user interfaces from screenshots

screenshot to design

Have a design you like? Take a screenshot and let Visily's AI transform it into an editable UI design.

sketch to design

Convert sketches into editable wireframes

sketch to design

Draw your ideas on paper, and our AI will turn them into wireframes that you can work on together.

Import your own UI components

magic theme

Easily import colors and fonts from UIs or websites for your own use in your designs.

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ai assistant

Use AI to design quicker

ai assistant

Try our AI Design Assistants! “Magic Image” finds similar images. “Structured Data Fill” automatically fills tables with organized content.

Easily edit your design

ai editor

With Visily's easy-to-use and powerful editor, you can easily personalize your designs. Add text, images, and different UI elements to your UX design, wireframes and prototypes.

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text to design

Use text prompts for your UI designs

text to design

Easily create designs with a prompt and let AI generate a UI design for you in no time!

How to use UI Design Software

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Sign up

Sign up for your free Visily account

start a Visily project


Begin your projects

Start a project from screenshots, sketches, templates, or even text prompts.

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Use AI-fueled features

Click on Visily AI icon to access all of our
AI features. Use these to enhance and edit your design.

Visily's UI Design Software

More than a UI Design Software,
Visily has it all.

1,500+ Templates

Extensive library of 1,500+ fully customizable templates, from websites to mobile and web apps.


UI Presets

Visily's UI Presets combine beautiful color palettes with fonts to speed up your process.

ui presets

Images & Icons

Enjoy our extensive collection of high-quality images & icons, provided through integrations with popular libraries.

images and icons

Sticky Notes

Provide flow details, commentary, and more with Visily Sticky Notes.

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Quickly iterate UX flows & processes with Visily’s flowchart and wireflow features.

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Export to Figma

Make your wireframe with Visily and export seamlessly to Figma

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Frequently Asked Questions about UI Design Software

Visily is an AI-powered UI design software that helps ANYONE create stunning user interfaces with ease. It uses AI features to generate designs in a flash to help streamline the design process while making it accessible and efficient for all users.

Visily is regarded as one of the best UI design tools due to its intuitive interface, extensive template library, and advanced AI features that aid in rapid prototyping and design iterations. It is designed to simplify the design process while maintaining high-quality outcomes.

Compared to other user interface design tools, Visily offers unique AI-driven designs and features that really simplify the whole process. Unlike many UI design tools, Visily doesn't require previous design experience or a background as a UI designer.

Other than that, it has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and robust collaboration features. This makes it stand out as a comprehensive tool for both individual designers and teams.

Absolutely! Visily's features allow you to create functional prototypes. The beauty of this approach is that you can create highly interactive prototypes that simulate real user interactions in minutes.

Interactive prototyping helps in refining designs before moving to the development stage. Using Visily you can deliver consistent prototypes for your UI UX design.

Visily includes an extensive template library, AI-powered design features, a drag-and-drop functionality, real-time collaboration capabilities, ready-to-go user interface components (UI kits), and integration with other popular design and development tools, making it a versatile UI design software.

Yes, Visily is designed to be user-friendly for both professional and non-professional UI designers. Its AI features and intuitive design tools make it easy for anyone to create high-quality user interfaces without a steep learning curve.

Visily supports real-time collaboration, allowing team members to work on the same project simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for teams, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and can contribute effectively.

To start using Visily, simply sign up for an account, explore the extensive template library, and begin designing. Or use the AI-driven features and user-friendly interface to quickly create professional designs.

Visily provides comprehensive support, including detailed tutorials, a knowledge base, and responsive customer service to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the software.