Aprimo harnesses Visily’s AI to accelerate design

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Aprimo harnesses Visily's AI to accelerate design
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  • Aprimo is an AI-powered content operations platform that revolutionizes how teams monitor and manage digital assets.
  • Their team saw the opportunity to leverage AI to improve speed and collaboration in their product process, prompting them to search for a solution.
  • After discovering Visily, Aprimo team members—regardless of their design skill—now actively participate in the ideation and design process.
  • Visily’s Screenshot to Design AI, prebuilt templates, and component library have equipped Aprimo to rapidly iterate on product experiences.

About Aprimo

Aprimo is a digital asset management (DAM) platform whose mission it is to help enterprises improve their content management operations through the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Their software helps teams efficiently manage content planning, creation, and distribution, all from within a single, centralized platform. Furthermore, Aprimo provides valuable and comprehensive insights into content performance, empowering organizations with strategic knowledge to improve their content efforts.

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The challenge & Aprimo’s global search for a solution

To accelerate their workflow and iterate more quickly, Aprimo needed to find a quick fix for potential slowdowns in their process. One specific area was the limited participation of team members without prior design experience, who struggled to contribute meaningfully within Aprimo’s complex design framework. This hindered collaboration and slowed down the feedback loop. Additionally, the team was using multiple tools, which introduced inefficiencies and delays. As a pioneer in artificial intelligence applications, Aprimo pursued the implementation of AI solutions, leading them to search for an AI tool that can simplify the design process; a tool that both is easy for designers and non-designers; and a one-stop shop for all stages of product development, from brainstorming to prototyping. After trying Visily, Aprimo’s team witnessed tangible results that validated their decision.

Sven Coppens 1 min
Sr. Product Development Director
at Aprimo
Sven Coppens

Visily quickly caught our attention, standing out as a promising solution to explore. We were intrigued by its potential to make a positive impact on our workflow and product development.

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Our team's feedback loop was significantly faster, cutting off at least 30% of the time required for product development.

How Visily helped along the way

How Visily helped along the way min

Visily’s intuitive design streamlines Aprimo’s creative process: rather than spending time learning a tool, Aprimo’s team simply jumps in to Visily and immediately starts creating. This ease of use comes from Visily’s thoughtful application of AI to the design process.

Aprimo adopted Visily over conventional UI design tools for several reasons:
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Visily fosters collaboration with team members who might not have prior experience with design software. Its interface caters to individuals from diverse backgrounds, breaking down the barriers that often accompany traditional design tools.
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AI-powered design
Visily’s Screenshot to Design AI seamlessly turns screenshots of existing UIs into fully editable designs.
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Low-to-high fidelity switch
Visily's ability to switch between high fidelity and low fidelity designs is a powerful asset. While Aprimo primarily leans towards high fidelity designs for concept explanations and presentations, the flexibility to explore low fidelity designs encourages rapid ideation.
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Component library
Visily's extensive library of elements, templates, and icons have proven to be the ultimate time-saver, allowing the team to be immediately productive without the need to create elements from scratch.
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“Visily’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface have bridged the gap between designers and non-designers, making it accessible to team members from diverse backgrounds.”

Visily’s extensive library of elements, templates, and icons have proven to be the ultimate time-saver, allowing the team to be immediately productive without the need to create elements from scratch.

Team members can weigh in by adding comments, suggesting changes, and even pitching their own versions within the platform.

Seamless collaboration not only speeds up the decision-making process but also ensures that Aprimo harnesses the collective creativity and expertise of team members to achieve the best possible solutions.

The game-changer for product acceleration

The game changer for product acceleration min

Nowadays, numerous teams have a clear understanding of the positive influence that generative AI has on enhancing user experiences. This perspective has enabled Aprimo, in particular, to become more agile in addressing product requirements and making quicker decisions. In their case, they effectively utilized the AI capabilities provided by Visily, such as the Screenshot to Design feature and the low-to-high fidelity switch.

We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of Aprimo’s journey! A heartfelt thank you goes out to Sven Coppens for graciously sharing their team’s inspiring story with us. We also extend our warmest congratulations to Aprimo on their remarkable growth, which is truly impressive!

Sven Coppens
Sr. Product Development Director at Aprimo
The journey from discovery to implementation has been a game-changer for our team. Visily has played a key role in enhancing our design projects and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within our organization.

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