Enhance performance for large boards

While there’s no hard limit to the number of elements you can have on a Visily board, the performance and load time can be negatively impacted as you have more and more elements on the board. For a better experience, we recommend keeping the number of elements on a single board below 4,000 elements.

When your board reaches this threshold, you will see a message to inform you that the board might be getting quite large.

Enhance performance for large boards2
To enhance the performance of a large board, consider the following:
  1. Split this board into a few smaller boards
      • Copy a part of the board content by selecting it and pressing Ctrl + C (for Windows) or Cmd + C(for Mac)
      • Create a new board and paste the content onto the board. To create a new board, first, click on the Show project list menu, then right-click on the current project’s name, then select Add new board Enhance performance for large boards Enhance performance for large boards1
      • Once the copying is completed, delete the copied content from the original board

Tips: Here are some recommended ways to organize your designs into boards

      • By platform (Web, Mobile, Tablet)
      • By features or modules
      • By versions
  1. Delete unnecessary screens and elements that are no longer in use
  2. Close other browser tabs that are open but not in use, as they might be taking up some of your computer’s resources (CPU/RAM)

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