The simplest User Interface

Create UI for apps and websites effortlessly with Visily's UI Builder, powered by AI

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Design UIs quickly with the help of AI

Convert screenshots into UI designs

screenshot to design

Like a design? Screenshot it and use Visily's AI to turn it into an editable UI design.

sketch to design

Transform hand-drawn sketches into customizable wireframes

sketch to design

Capture your design concepts on paper and witness our Sketch to Design AI convert them into wireframes that you can collaborate on.

Change themes effortlessly

magic theme

Easily extract colors and fonts from images or URLs. Then, apply them seamlessly to your design.

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ai assistant

Use AI to design faster

ai assistant

Try out our AI Design Assistants! Use “Magic Image” to find similar images. And “Structured Data Fill” will automatically fill in tables with organized content.

Edit your design easily

ai editor

Effortlessly customize your designs using Visily's intuitive and robust editor. Incorporate text, images, and various UI elements into your wireframes and prototypes.

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text to design

Turn text prompts into amazing UI designs

text to design

Design in a snap! Just write a prompt and let AI whip up a UI design for you.

How to use UI Design Tools

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Sign up

Sign up for your free Visily account

start a Visily project


Begin your projects

Begin a project using screenshots, sketches, templates, or even text prompts.

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Use AI-powered features

To access all our AI features, click on the Visily AI icon. Enhance and edit your design with Visily's powerful editor.

Visily's UI Builder

More than a UI Design Tool,
Visily has it all.

1,500+ Templates

Extensive library of 1,500+ fully customizable templates, from websites to mobile and web apps.


UI Presets

Visily's UI Presets combine beautiful color palettes with fonts to speed up your process.

ui presets

Images & Icons

Enjoy our extensive collection of high-quality images & icons, provided through integrations with popular libraries.

images and icons

Sticky Notes

Provide flow details, commentary, and more with Visily Sticky Notes.

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Quickly iterate UX flows & processes with Visily’s flowchart and wireflow features.

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Export to Figma

Make your wireframe with Visily and export seamlessly to Figma

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Frequently Asked Questions about UI Design Tools

UI design tools simplify the design process, from brainstorming to prototyping. For example, you can use Visily to sketch out wireframes and quickly turn them into interactive mockups.

There are various tools, such as wireframing, prototyping, and design collaboration platforms. Visily integrates these functions to provide an all-in-one solution for your design needs.

Look for intuitive interfaces, robust prototyping capabilities, collaboration features, and a rich library of assets. Features like AI and integration with other design software can significantly boost your workflow efficiency.

While Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD are well-known, Visily stands out with its user-friendly interface and powerful features tailored for both beginners and pros. Its ability to simplify the design process and open that door to anyone makes it one of the best UI design tools available.

Consider your team's workflow, collaboration needs, and project complexity. Match the tool’s strengths to your team’s requirements. For example, many UI design tools come with prebuilt UI design software geared toward UI designers, but it is difficult for people like product managers to give feedback or collaborate.

UI design tools enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and ensure consistency. Rapid prototyping, easy iteration, and user testing reduce time to market. With tools like Visily, expect a smoother, more efficient design process because of features like interactive prototyping, seamless integration with other design tools like Figma, dynamic elements, a smooth interface and much more on the horizon.

Absolutely. Visily's prototyping tool, aka prototyping mode, lets you create prototypes that mimic real-world interactions. You can turn designs into functional prototypes that mimic a real user interface, and the team can use the real-time collaboration features to give their input.

Use Visily's design systems and reusable components to maintain uniformity across all your projects. Additionally, use the screenshot-to-design feature to ensure your design matches any branding or tone from your current site or product.

Yes, Visily supports creating and managing UI kits, so you can build a library of reusable components and speed up your design process.

Assess your design process, team size, and project requirements. Look for tools that offer flexibility, collaboration features, and scalability. Visily, for instance, is great for both solo designers and large teams, providing a balance of ease of use and advanced features.