Announcing the launch of Visily Pro

Over the last several years, we’ve had the unique opportunity to offer Visily free of charge to anyone who wanted to use it.

Many have asked why we took this approach. Our answer is simple:

Absent the constraints of paywalls and feature gates, we could simply observe the natural behaviors of our users; identify what problems they needed to solve; and develop a strong understanding of who Visily helps.

That’s precisely what we’ve been able to do because the approach we took, culminating in today’s announcement of the launch of Visily Pro—our first premium plan!

What is Visily Pro?

Visily Pro was designed for the individuals and teams who need to (1) frequently create and collaborate on flows, ideas, and UI wireframes & prototypes in a way that (2) allows for a more fine-grained approach to permissions, AI usage, and more.

What is Visily Pro

To that end, Visily Pro prioritizes a few key areas:

  • Workspace Organization: Visily Pro users have unlimited Private Project, Shared Projects, Boards, and Board sizes, in addition to the ability to provide guest access to any combination of them. Additionally, Pro users can move Boards between Projects as needed, a feature that’s especially useful in a growing, dynamic environment.
  • AI & Template Credits: Each Visily Pro Editor has their own monthly replenishing allotment of credits for AI features and Templates.
  • Premium Features: Uncapped exports to Figma, instant access to Visily Beta features, Premium Templates, and many more soon-to-be-announced features all factor prominently into Visily Pro.

While we will roll out more features in the coming months, we’re confident that teams adopting Visily Pro will have all the tools they need to work together efficiently and with great results!

If you have questions, I’d encourage you to check out our FAQ exclusively devoted to Visily Pro.

What does this mean for existing Visily users?

As part of this launch, we’re also introducing the Visily Starter plan, which will always be free for anyone to use (forever!). All Visily Teams will be in either the Pro or the Starter plan once Visily Pro launches. If you’d like to see a comparison of Visily Starter vs. Visily Pro, please visit our pricing page or our FAQ. And If you’d like additional details about how your current Team may be impacted, we’ve provided a detailed write-up here. You can also reach out to us directly ( with questions!

What’s next for Visily?

Part of why we’re so excited about Visily Pro is that it will enable us to accelerate our work to user in a new era in how products are built—particularly where ideation and design are concerned.

Expect to see bigger, more ambitious releases, as we continue to improve both Visily’s core design experience as well as the way we integrate AI to make cumbersome processes much more simple. More to come on this in the near future…

Finally, we want to express profound gratitude to all Visily users: your feedback, notes of encouragement, and general usage of Visily have helped us immensely. Please know that we take seriously your feedback, ideas, and comments. It’s because of you that we can bring the greater vision of Visily to fruition!

What’s next for Visily?

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