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Our Help Center aid you in navigating our features. Learn how to Set up projects, Design Mockups and
Collaborate With Others with these tutorials.

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Account Settings 1 min

Delete Visily account

23 hours ago

If you decide to delete your account, please refer to this user guide for instructions. We’re sorry to see you go, but we’re always working to improve Visily. We hope to welcome you back in the future. Important to Note When you delete your Visily account,...

export to figma min

Export designs to Figma

7 months ago

Level up your team collaboration and efficiency with Visily’s Figma plugin! This plugin makes it possible for teams working in Visily to easily hand off designs to users in Figma. You can transfer the wireframes in two ways: Copy the elements in Visily, and go to Figma to...

teamwork space

Layout Properties

Access the Layout Properties panel To open Layout Properties panel, click on the 1st menu item on the right sidebar in Design mode.   Tip: You can also access the panel by selecting “Show Layout Properties” in the More Actions dropdown as you select elements or...

Smart Table Component

Smart Table Component

Leverage the capabilities of Smart Table to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. This smart component allows you to effortlessly add, reorder, resize rows and columns, modify styles via a multitude of properties, and instantly populate its contents, including...

teamwork space

Prototype & Presentation

With our Prototyping and Presentation features, you can turn static designs into interactive mockups. Let your users, teams, and stakeholders experience the app before it is built! Prototyping mode Prototyping mode allows you to create the app flows. You can add interactions by...



Container is a special rectangle designed to help you create forms, pop ups, cards, etc faster without multiple groupings and layers. Elements inside a container are automatically attached and moved together when the container is moved. Add a container To add a container, follow...

savereuse components

Save Components and Reuse Saved Components

Save a component To save a component, select it, press “Command” (on macOS devices) or ”Control” (on Windows devices) + S, or follow these steps: Right-click on the component Choose “Save for reuse” Note: All the saved components or groups of components are in the...



Board is an infinite canvas where you can freely design. You can add multiple boards to your project. Navigate across projects You can use the Project List panel (click on the icon to show) to quickly navigate across projects: Click on the project’s name to view all boards...

screenshot to design

Screenshot to Design

Visily’s Screenshot-to-Wireframe AI can convert screenshots of any existing apps and websites into editable wireframes. This helps you quickly design on top of UI of apps you find inspiring or your own legacy apps. Where to get...

Diagrams min

Diagrams & Brainstorming

2 months ago

Whether you’re brainstorming or working on a project together, Visily provides the perfect tools with our diagram elements and templates. Get started in Visily by either quickly creating diagrams using elements or selecting from a variety of pre-built templates available...

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