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Our Help Center aid you in navigating our features. Learn how to Set up projects, Design Mockups and
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teamwork space

Layout Properties

Access the Layout Properties panel To open Layout Properties panel, click on the 1st menu item on the right sidebar in Design mode.   Tip: You can also access the panel by selecting “Show Layout Properties” in the More Actions dropdown as you select elements or...

teamwork space

Prototype & Presentation

With our Prototyping and Presentation features, you can turn static designs into interactive mockups. Let your users, teams, and stakeholders experience the app before it is built! Prototyping mode Prototyping mode allows you to create the app flows. You can add interactions by...



Container is a special rectangle designed to help you create forms, pop ups, cards, etc faster without multiple groupings and layers. Elements inside a container are automatically attached and moved together when the container is moved. Add a container To add a container, follow...

icon library

Icon Library

Visily has 4 icon sets containing thousands of icons for every purpose. Open the “Icons” tab in the UI library to view and search for any icon. Change the icon set Visily provides you with multiple icon sets popularly used in UI design, including Material Icons,...

design customization

Design Customization​

Context toolbar The context toolbar includes different styles and editable properties that follow the project theme. When a design element is selected, its context toolbar will appear on top of it. Top bar Select a component to reveal the action list in the top bar, which allows...



Board is an infinite canvas where you can freely design. You can add multiple boards to your project. Navigate across projects You can use the Project List panel (click on the icon to show) to quickly navigate across projects: Click on the project’s name to view all boards...

screenshot to design


Visily AI helps you turn a screenshot of a website or an app into an editable mockup. Never start from scratch again, simply look for some UI inspirations and have a mockup generated for you! Step to convert a screenshot into Visily mockup Take a screenshot of your favorite app...

add new screen 1

Add New Screens

Screen in Visily In Visily, you start your designs by creating a screen and adding elements to it. A concept similar to a screen that you might be familiar with if you have used other design tools is frame or artboard. It represents a screen of an application, from mobile to...

setting up project

Create Projects

Create a new project to start designing your app. You can choose between Mobile and Web to have suitable templates and recommended components: Select Project Templates or start from scratch You can choose among two options to start your project: Select from the selection...

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