Release Note: V1.3 – Nov 11, 2022

Lo-fi wireframe support

One of Visily’s superpowers is helping people quickly create beautiful hi-fi wireframes. But at times, you might want to focus on app flow and screen layout without bothering about many styling and color options. Wait no more, Visily now supports lo-fi wireframes with minimal styling configurations.Better yet, you can easily switch between lo-fi and hi-fi modes to design or present the most suitable UI to certain stakeholders.

The all-new “Explore Visily” page

The “Explore Visily” page features latest software updates, tutorials and tips to help you work better with Visily.

Tailwind CSS support

For teams building apps with Tailwind, we have something for you. You can now export Visily project theme (colors, fonts, sizing…) to Tailwind config and CSS variables. This will help speed up front-end coding of your product. Access the Inspect mode to try this out and let us know how we could improve this integration!

Help Visily become better by voting or suggesting features

You can now vote and suggest features directly from the app. Click “Request Features” from the Help menu to see feature recommendations by other fellow Visily users, vote for the ones you like, or add your own suggestions!Be a part of our nascent community and help us make Visily the best tool for you!

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