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Release Notes: V1.5 – Mar 22, 2023

11 months ago

High-precision screenshot-to-wireframe AI Previously, our platform allowed you to loosely convert screenshots into editable wireframes utilizing Visily’s smart components, which is helpful for those who wanted to work with these components but did not require a precise...

Release note: V2.4 – Feb 2024

Visily Browser Extension This companion extension helps you quickly capture app screens and convert them into editable wireframes. It’s available for Chrome now and we’ll make it available on other stores later. Head over to Chrome Web store and give this extension a try....

Release note: V2.3 – Dec 2023

2 months ago

Seamless design feedback through comments Explore the upgraded commenting experience, where you can directly view and reply to comments in Design mode without entering Comment mode. What’s more, comment markers now show the thread owner, making it easy to keep track of...

Release Notes: V2.2 – Dec 8, 2023

2 months ago

Flexibly adjust connecting arrows of diagrams Diagramming and flow mapping have become more and more popular among Visily community. You can now adjust the paths of the connecting arrows (aka. connectors) for more flexibility in the presentation of complex flows. We’re making...

Release Notes: V2.0 – Sep 28, 2023

5 months ago

Introducing Visily 2.0: the future of collaborative design With Visily 2.0, we’re launching the most powerful, collaborative version of Visily yet. The features and enhancements we’ve made in Visily 2.0, as well as other recent launches, are deliberate steps toward building...

Release Notes: V1.8 – Aug 31, 2023

6 months ago

Meet Our Dynamic Duo – Sticky Notes and Flowchart Elements! Enhance your ideation process and team collaboration with the powerful combination of Sticky Notes and Flowchart Elements. Capture ideas, document requirements, and convey workflows seamlessly within your...

Release Notes: V1.7 – Jul 6, 2023

7 months ago

Create projects more seamlessly We have revamped the project creation function to give you a more seamless and well-guided experience, whether you start from scratch, pick a project template, or clone an existing Visily project. Also, please note that you can secure your spot on...

Release Notes: V1.6 – Apr 25, 2023

10 months ago

Over 55,000 icons at your fingertips Looking for the perfect icon has become a breeze! Visily now includes over 55,000 icons with various styles, along with significantly improved search capabilities. You can access these icons via the library or the toolbar of elements such as...

Release Notes: V1.4 – Jan, 2023

12 months ago

Smart Table is here! Our highly anticipated smart component, Table, is now available! As with other Visily smart components, Table offers a multitude of options and properties that allow you to effortlessly add rows and columns, modify styles, and populate its contents. This...

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