Release note: V1.1 – Jul 20, 2022

This release consists of new features – prototype and presentation, and more capabilities that will make your experience with Visily better.

Interactive mockups with Prototype & Presentation

The wait is over! Visily proudly introduces Prototype & Presentation feature, so you can now connect components and screens to demonstrate your app flows, and interactively showcase your app to the stakeholders with the Presentation mode.

More improvements to this feature are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Faster & more reliable

We worked hard to improve the app’s performance. Visily now loads and works much faster even with big design boards. Check it out!

What’s more, any changes you make while offline will be saved and synced when you’re back online.

Over 100 new templates

To quickly get started, try one of our newly added templated. We’ve built over 100 new web and mobile templates, including commonly requested charts and new project templates for different app types such as Food Delivery, Stock & Crypto Investment, etc.

Tips to use Visily templates:

  • When creating a new project, you can kickstart it from one of the app templates, like E-commerce, Investment, and Travel booking.
  • While designing, press W or click “Add screen” then “Select template” to choose from a wide range of web and mobile templates.
  • Browse and search in Library for hundreds of UI component templates like cards, forms, navigations, popups, charts, and more.

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