Release Notes: V2.2 – Dec 8, 2023

Flexibly adjust connecting arrows of diagrams

Diagramming and flow mapping have become more and more popular among Visily community. You can now adjust the paths of the connecting arrows (aka. connectors) for more flexibility in the presentation of complex flows.

We’re making continuous improvements to diagram elements and building templates for common use cases. Have any suggestions? Let us know here.

Custom connecting arrow paths have arrived b min 1

Enhanced Figma export

Exporting designs to Figma has gotten even better! Here are some updates:

  • Support converting notes and flows
  • Support importing prototypes along with screens
  • Updating the Figma properties of the imported smart components to ensure they automatically adjust layouts when you resize, just as in Visily

With Visily plugin on Figma, handoff ideas and wireframes to your designers in Figma is never easier. Check out the feature guide here.

Export to Figma but more min scaled 1

Optimized global search

No more wasting time browsing through the project and board list: you can now instantly search for the desired project or board. What’s more, you can search for a wide variety of commands or features that you can take action right away, just from the same search box.

Check out the details here.

Smoother experience with images

Working extensively with large images? Good news! We have increased the upload limit to 30MB, allowing you to upload larger images like website screenshots. Better yet, we’ve upgraded the performance of boards with many images for a smoother experience!
Release note V2.0 Dec Big image file size is now supported 1 min
 Highlight the area to take notes: Check out our “Highlight” preset of Rectangle and Oval. It is designed to help you mark the highlighted area to annotate with sticky notes.
More shape preset styles for your usage b min

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