Release note: V2.6 – April 2024

Instantly start a project with AI

You can now create a project with AI-powered options:

  • Start with “Screenshot to Design” to convert app screenshots or online inspirations into editable wireframes
  • Start with “Text to Diagram” to generate user flows or sitemaps from text prompts

Check them out and let us know your thoughts.

More flexible smart components

Our latest update gives you complete control over the appearance of smart components. You can now freely adjust sizing, spacing and text styles within a component.

Invite teammates just got easier

We’ve redesigned the “Invite members to Workspace” experience to be more intuitive and user-friendly. In addition to email invites, now you can invite anyone with a shareable link or directly from your Slack contacts.

image 8 min

Invite collaborators through Slack

You can now connect Slack to conveniently browse and invite Slack’s workspace members to Visily.

New brainstorming templates

We’ve added many more brainstorming and diagram templates for varied use cases, such as user flows, sitemaps, project planning, product analysis, meeting minutes, and more.

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