Convert screenshots of apps or web pages into editable wireframes or mockups.

Turn screenshots into editable UI designs

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From screenshots
to mockups

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Unlock a new level of creativity with Visily Screenshot Editor, where you can turn screenshots into editable mockups, giving you the freedom to iterate on your ideas effortlessly.​

An easy-to-use
yet powerful editor

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Edit your designs with Visily's intuitive yet powerful editor. Add text, photo, icons and customize your designs the way you want. You can even import the colors and themes of other apps into your designs​

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How to use Screenshot Editor

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Upload screenshots

Take a screenshot of your favorite app or website, then upload it to Visily. You can either upload it directly from your computer or use your phone to scan the QR code for a convenient upload from your phone.

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Select conversion setting

Choose one of the two conversion types, "Closely match" if you prioritize easy customization options, or "Loosely match" if precision in design is your primary concern.

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Edit the design

Visily will work its magic to convert your screenshots into editable designs. You can then enhance and edit your designs using Visily's user-friendly AI UI Design Tool

Screenshot Editor Tutorial Video

Try Visily’s Screenshot Editor Now

Turn screenshots of apps or web pages into editable wireframes or mockups.

More than a Screenshot Editor.
Visily has all features you need.

Text to Design Coming soon

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Text to Design

Instantly generate a beautiful, fully editable design with a simple text prompt.

1,500+ Templates

Extensive library of 1,500+ fully customizable templates, from websites to mobile and web apps.

Sketch to Design

Sketch your ideas on paper and turn them into editable wireframes.

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Magic Themes

Transform the look of your app with a click of a button.

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AI Assistant

Design faster with AI-generated content and images.

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UI Presets

Visily's UI Presets combine beautiful color palettes with fonts to speed up your process.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Screenshot Editor

You can use Visily’s Screenshot Editor to convert screenshot or image of any existing apps and websites into editable wireframes or mockups, then turn create user-click journeys to transform your static wireframe or mockup into a interactive prototype. Here's how:

  1. Download screenshots from Mobbin, Behance, Dribbble, etc. Alternatively, take a screenshot of an existing app or website you wish to improve the UI for.
  2. Next, upload the screenshot or image to Visily, using either png or jpg format. Then select one of the two conversion types "closely match" or "loosely match".
  3. Finally, you can start editing the design using Visily's easy-to-use editor.

For a more in-depth tutorial, you can refer to this comprehensive article

Yes. You can edit your screenshot for free using Visily's Screenshot Editor.

With Visily, there are numerous UI-related tasks you can accomplish with the assistance of our AI. Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Exploring theme options: Visily offers the capability to experiment with various theme options using Text to Design and Magic Theme AI, allowing you to find the perfect visual style for your UI.
  • Customizing wireframe content: Through our Magic Content & Magic Image features, you can evaluate different content options to enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of your UI.