Release Notes: V1.5 – Mar 22, 2023

High-precision screenshot-to-wireframe AI

Previously, our platform allowed you to loosely convert screenshots into editable wireframes utilizing Visily’s smart components, which is helpful for those who wanted to work with these components but did not require a precise replication of the original screenshot.

Now, with the addition of the exact conversion mode, you can create outputs that closely mirror their source screenshots. This works by skipping smart components, allowing for a more accurate and visually faithful wireframes for your app or website inspiration.

Simply upload screenshots of any app or website, and let Visily AI work its magic today!

For more information about high-precision mode AI, check out the feature guide here.

Smart Table enhancements

Supercharge your productivity through our enhanced Smart Table! Here are some highlights:

  • Apply styles and contents of an element to others in the same column
  • Distribute column width and row height equally
  • Change background color and set vertical alignment for rows

For more information about Smart Table, check out the feature guide here.

Responsive component templates

Our Library now comes with anchor-ready component templates that make designing responsive UI easier. When you resize these form, card and dialogs templates, the relative position and alignment of the elements inside will adjust accordingly.

Pro Tip: you can design responsive UI by using anchor settings

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