Release Notes: V1.6 – Apr 25, 2023

Over 55,000 icons at your fingertips

Looking for the perfect icon has become a breeze! Visily now includes over 55,000 icons with various styles, along with significantly improved search capabilities. You can access these icons via the library or the toolbar of elements such as buttons and menus.

Follow other users in real-time

Collaborative designing has never been more effortless! You can now click on a teammate’s avatar to follow their actions on a design board. Your viewport will change as they navigate and perform design actions. This feature works in both the board editor and presentation mode.

Faster dialog design with Overlay component

Do you ever need a transparent layer below a dialog? Don’t miss out on our new Overlay component! It automatically fills your screen and allows you to add a dialog on top of it.

Introducing the new Visily AI Panel

The Visily AI Panel provides instant access to all of our AI features, helping you discover and try them out in your designs. Speaking of AI, stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!

AI Panel Visily feature

UI Library gets a new look

Our updated UI Library centralizes elements, templates, and icons into one place and provides better search and filters. We’ve also improved template navigation and preview capability.

Smart Tables now support images

You can now add images to Smart Tables, edit their styles, and apply changes to all rows. Learn more here.

Pro tip: Need to replace multiple images at once? Hold Cmd (or Ctrl in Windows) and drag to select all image elements, click Replace Image button on the toolbar, then select the new images you want from the Image Library.

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