Release Notes: V1.7 – Jul 6, 2023

Create projects more seamlessly

We have revamped the project creation function to give you a more seamless and well-guided experience, whether you start from scratch, pick a project template, or clone an existing Visily project. Also, please note that you can secure your spot on the Text-to-Design waitlist today, and stay tuned for updates about this revolutionary AI capability!

More app & website templates

In this update, we’ve introduced many more app & website templates, as well as a new UI that makes it easier to search, browse, preview, and use these templates for your projects.

Convert multiple screenshots to wireframes simultaneously

Converting individual screenshots into customizable wireframes may take time. In this update, we have increased the performance of our AI, and introduced the ability to perform multiple conversions simultaneously.

For more information about the Screenshot-to-Wireframe AI, check out the feature guide here.

Any font you need, for any language

Many of you have asked for more font options, including ones that work well for your respective languages. In this update, we have expanded our font list to over 1,500 fonts, which you can conveniently access when setting up theme fonts or from the context toolbar of elements.

Visily fonts

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