Easy-to-Use Wireframe AI

Say goodbye to time-consuming (and confusing) wireframe creation and hello to quick and captivating wireframes with Visily.

Faster designs, thanks to AI wireframe generator

No staring at a blank canvas

Generate designs in a flash powered by AI

Visily’s AI can convert inputs — screenshots, sketches and text prompts —to fully customizable high-fidelity designs. You can start your project from any source of inspiration.

Generate designs in a flash powered by AI
edit UI mockup with Visily

Design UI in minutes

edit UI mockup with Visily

Visily’s pre-built components and thoughtful use of AI help you design UI in minutes—as a non-designer (or even a pro) you don't need to spend hours trying to perfect your design.

Take wireframing to the next level with Visily

Visily feature min 1

No learning curve

Visily feature min 1

Most professional design tools like Figma weren't built for non-designers. They're complex and often come with a steep learning curve. Visily is built for non-designers and that's why it's so easy anyone can use it.

Collaborate within the same tool

Collaborate in one wireframe tool min

No more back and forth between different apps. Visily provides a unified workflow, from idea to design to prototype, where the whole team can work together.

Collaborate in one wireframe tool min
Connect everything with ease

Map your user journey

Connect everything with ease

Visily supports user diagrams, wireflows, and mind maps. You and your whole team can brainstorm and design UI in one unified space. Our smart components can also help you easily edit and customize your logical flows.

Switch between low-fidelity and hi-fidelity wireframe

Easily convert basic wireframes into high fidelity designs min

Why choose between low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes? Visily offers seamless transitioning from lo-fi to hi-fi, optimizing your design process at every stage.

Easily convert basic wireframes into high fidelity designs min

Learn more about Visily's AI

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Sign up

Sign up for a free Visily account and start a project

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Design the wireframe using an AI editor

Easily create and edit your wireframes using Visily's simple yet powerful editor.

Collaborate in one wireframe tool min


Create interactive wireframes

Once your wireframe is complete, you can connect the interactions and share it with your team.

More than just Wireframe AI,
Visily has all features you need.

Screenshot to Design

Turn screenshots of apps or web pages into editable wireframes or mockups.

s2d 1 min

Text to Design Coming soon

Coming soon

Text to Design

Instantly generate a beautiful, fully editable design with a simple text prompt.

t2d 1 min

Sketch to Design

Sketch your ideas on paper and turn them into editable wireframes.

sketch2d 2 min

Sticky Notes

Provide flow details, commentary, and more with Visily Sticky Notes.

sticky notes min

Export to Figma

Convert screens and elements created in Visily to fully editable Figma designs.

export figma min


Quickly iterate UX flows & processes with Visily’s flowchart and wireflow features.

wireflow min

Frequently Asked Questions about Wireframe AI

With Visiy you can create wireframes for free (for life!). You can do every single stage of the design process from within Visily (go from brainstorming to wireframes, mockups, and prototypes).

There are many AI tools that can help you with various parts of creating wireframes. However, if you are looking for an all-in-one tool that is fast and easy to use, then you should check out Visily. Visily's AI can help you ‌create wireframes in minutes. 

The core AI features in Visily are:

Online AI wireframing tools are digital platforms that leverage artificial intelligence to simplify the process of creating UX/UI wireframes. These tools, including Visily, provide users with a suite of functionalities such as drag-and-drop interfaces, pre-designed wireframe and diagram templates. This makes it easier and faster for designers to construct wireframes for websites, apps, and other digital products, streamlining the design process and enhancing productivity.

It combines elements of both wireframes (hi-fi or lo-fi UI designs of a web/app) and flowcharts (diagrams representing the sequence of steps in a process).

AI-powered wireframing tools help product people to: 

  • Quickly generate multiple wireframe variations 
  • Visualize and test ideas 
  • Iterate and experiment more rapidly in early product development 
  • Free up time, so product managers can focus on strategic design thinking rather than manual layout.

Wireframe AI tools can't replace human designers. AI tools excel at automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, however, the creative and critical thinking skills of human designers remain invaluable in the design process. Human designers can understand complex user needs, think outside the box, and infuse their designs with uniqueness and personality. They also bring a deep understanding of aesthetics, empathy, and cultural nuances.

Although AI-assisted wireframing can significantly expedite the design process, it is important to recognize that AI tools may not fully comprehend intricate brand strategies or present cutting-edge design solutions. The wireframes generated may need further refinement to ensure stylistic coherence and improved usability. AI-generated layouts could benefit from human intervention to meticulously fine-tune these aspects.