Smart Assistant

Design Assistant will spot design issues and give click-to-fix suggestions.

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The Design Assistant can detect 2 types of issues:

  • Color contrast: Our Design Assistant helps detect when a minimum contrast ratio is not met. This helps to ensure the readability of the content or to distinguish a component background color on its container’s background color.
  • Icon consistency: When you change the icon set without replacing some compatible icons in the new set, the Design Assistant will help point out the icons that belong to a different set than the one selected in Project Theme.

Turn on/off Design Assistant’s functions

To open the Design Assistant dialog, click the “Design Assistant” icon in the top bar.

Design Assistant’s functions are always turned on by default. To turn them off, click on the switches.

Note: When a warning pops up, you can choose to “fix” or “ignore”. When being ignored, the pop-ups are till there to keep you awared of the issues. Turn “Show ignored issues” off to hide them.

Group 12403

To learn more about the Design Assistant, click here.

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