Release Note: Beta 2 – Jan 26, 2022

New Features

Support of designing mobile apps

  • Project wizard: users can set up a mobile or web project, which will affect the default templates, screen sizes and component style suggestions within that project
  • Page wizard:
    • Ability to choose among common mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes
    • Ability to quickly add a page template or generate or design from sketch based on the selected screen sizes
    • Update “page” to “screen”
  • More pre-built templates for various screen sizes
    • 27 new mobile screen templates
    • 30 new mobile component templates (patterns)
    • 18 new tablet screen templates
    • 10 new web component templates (patterns)
  • In mobile projects, our library will default to show templates for mobile apps, but you can settings to show components and templates for web apps to use in your designs
  • Components added to canvas in mobile projects will have a default styles that are suitable for mobile apps

New smart components:

  • Tab bar menu: commonly used for bottom bars in mobile apps
  • Slider, range slider and progress slider: interchangeable within a component

Smart component updates:

  • Menus and Tag: Advanced color editing for individual items
  • Nested components (Menus, Checkbox, Radio and Tag): When selecting an individual item of a component, show sub-context toolbar with only the properties that can be applied on the item
  • Menus: Ability to add badges, ability to choose indicator position, ability to resize header menu while keeping equal width among all items
  • Textbox, Textarea, and Dropdown: new label styles that are common in mobile apps
  • Textarea: Ability to toggle the resizing icon at the bottom right of Textarea
  • Advanced color editing for multi-selection of single components (Button, Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Chart, Switch, Rating, Avatar)

Container authoring: behavior changes to select/move a container and its child objects

  • You can now click anywhere within the container bounding to move it instead of having to click on an empty area
  • Double click to select a child element, or hold Cmd (or Ctrl in Win) to click and select the element directly
  • Hold Shift then click or double click to select multiple child elements in the same or different containers

Export and Sharing

  • Besides selecting a specific screen or element to export to PNG, JPG or PDF, you can now export multiple screens in a board.
  • From the project or board list, you can quickly copy the link to a project or a board and share it with other users

Duplicate a project or a board

  • Ability to duplicate a board and its assets
  • Ability to duplicate a project:
    • By default, the new project will inherit the same theme from the original project
    • In addition to the project theme, you can choose to clone designs, saved components, images and sketches, and collaborators

Project & Theme management

  • Ability to skip setting up theme when creating a new project, then a default theme will be used
  • In project theme panel, you can choose to generate a new theme with options similar to those provided when setting up theme for a new project:
    • Customize a pre-made theme
    • Create theme from keywords
    • Extract theme from image
    • Extract theme from URL


  • We added a link in our library so you can quickly request any templates you need if you could not find them in there
  • We improve the app experience in mobile devices (new breakpoints for functions and UI)
  • New look of Signup/Login pages

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