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Screen in Visily

In Visily, you start your designs by creating a screen and adding elements to it. A concept similar to a screen that you might be familiar with if you have used other design tools is frame or artboard. It represents a screen of an application, from mobile to web.

Ways to add screens

Visily supports multiple ways to add screens. Click (+) Add screen button on the left sidebar menu to view these options.

  • Add an empty screen – or press “N” for a shortcut
  • Add screens from Visily Template selection: see details here
  • Convert an app screenshot into mockups: see details here
  • Convert a sketch into mockups: see details here

Way to add screens

Tip: You can right-click on any spot in the board background to add a screen at that exact spot.

Untitled 4


You can select the desired screen size of the device you are designing for as you add screens.

  • For empty screens

Untitled 5


  • For templates

Untitled 6


  • For screenshot-to-design

Untitled 7

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